Home Business – Painting Home Interiors

You can make money by painting home interiors as either a part-time or a full-time home business. This service doesn’t require much training. The main qualifications are attention to certain details and care in protecting floors and furniture. You usually can find instruction booklets at paint stores or the large building products stores (Lowe’s or Home Depot). You can get started with basic painting equipment and a vehicle for transporting them.

How much should you charge for your painting services? That depends on the local economy and the competition. You probably want to charge less than professional painters do, at least at first. However, don’t rely too much on a low fee to get customers. You need to make money sufficient to pay for your time and effort. Besides, customers may regard a low fee as an indication of inferior work. Instead, promote extra features of your home business. This could be rapid service, working on nights or weekends, or discounts on future jobs.

Be sure to take care of any governmental and insurance requirements for your home business. You can find out what is needed by talking to a local accountant and insurance agent, or visiting the appropriate governmental website.

Use the classified advertisements in the local newspaper or on Craigslist.org website to get customers. You should visit the premises before quoting a fee. Measure all the area to be painted. Then you can determine the amount of paint needed. Bring a wide assortment of color chips with you so the customer can choose the colors for various rooms. Ask the customer about any extra services or special needs. Determine if you should bring a helper. If you and the customer come to an agreement, record the details on a standard bid form. These details should include the rooms to be painted, the colors to use, any special preparations needed, and when the job will be started and completed.

There are various labor-saving tips and tools available at websites like DoItYourself.com, PaintHelpers.com, and PaintersToolbox.com. This information and some hands-on experience can turn you into a professional.

Before doing any preparation or painting, cover or remove anything that might be spattered on. Proper preparation makes for good painting results. This might involve pulling nails, removing drapes or curtains, filling cracks and holes, and sealing any stains. Then you can use your labor-saving tools for painting each room the desired color.

Resolve any customer complaints right away. You need satisfied customers to give you free word of mouth advertising. Besides, satisfied customers usually pay your fee without any quibbling.

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