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Decorative Rugs for Home Interiors

Identifying a theme for your room is the fun part. The bigger challenges are all in the details. For example, how do you find the accessories, fabrics, furnishings and decorative rugs?

More and more of us are searching online for our solutions these days, and for good reasons – there are a lot of choices out there!

I’ve heard from some design experts that it’s best to begin the process with your decorative rug selection and then build around the design and colors. This is a fine solution when you’ve found the ideal rug design. Yet, in my experience as a decorative rug maker, it frequently happens the other way around. Sometimes it’s tough locating the ideal rug. So the room tends to take shape without the rug in place… maybe this sounds familiar?

I wish I could give you a simple solution, unfortunately, it’s not always a simple problem. Most ready-made rugs will fall short in the size and color category, this makes it a long, tedious process of digging through websites, catalogs, and design magazines for inspiration.

In most cases, however, decorative rug designs can be created from scratch and fabricated in the U.S. easily enough these days – without the 16 week delays you’ll find when ordering from overseas outfits. Choosing the custom design route can be a fun experience when you have the right attitude. You can actually be a part of the process and have a unique connection to the finished rugs that will decorate your home.

One tip that may help speed things along – start by developing a foundation for the design process by identifying a few designs that interest you, maybe they’re in the room already in the form of art, fabrics, or an architectural design element. Take digital photos of these elements. You can also browse the internet for rug designs that come close but don’t make the grade. After gathering some ideas, make contact with a custom rug fabricator and discuss your ideas and nail down a reasonable budget. Within a few weeks you should have a decorative rug delivered to your door.

Custom rug fabrication is one of the easiest methods of tying a decorative rug into an existing home interior. Yes, it does require a little patience as you identify your theme, have the artwork drawn up, and produce the rugs, but it’s still a whole lot quicker than outsourcing overseas.